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    Business ideas for hand-held laser welding

    One of the most advanced and effective technologies of permanent connections creating is the laser welding. Due to the constantly developing progress and new technologies emergence, it was possible to create handheld laser welding device with compact design and convenience operation as main advantages. This device allows performing following operations:

    • repair of small-sized structures;
    • soldering of electronic components;
    • spot welding;
    • weld facing.

    The cost of the equipment is quite high, but a large volume of work provides the investment pay off very quickly. That why the handheld laser welding performing on high-tech equipment is a great way of moneymaking.

    The advantages of the laser metal welding technology

    This method has many advantages, including following:

    • perfectly smooth seam;
    • no need for further mechanical processing;
    • high performance and processing speed;
    • no material deformation;
    • the ability to connect two different materials;
    • environmental friendliness;
    • high quality and durability of seams;
    • the ability to process thin-walled and brittle metals.

    This technology has some disadvantages as any other. The most significant of these are large initial investments, requirements for a high production culture and strict compliance with safety regulations. Operator must handle laser-welding head very carefully, because it contains fragile optic components.

    What do you need to start up your own business?

    To start up the business you will first need appropriate equipment and a room where you workshop will located. The welding equipment requirements are quite high. This should be high quality and reliable device, so you should make your choice of products of well-known manufacturers that provide service support.

    What can you produce with handheld laser welding machine?

    There are many ideas that can bring your business on the new higher level and provide you a good money in shortest time. You can start producing following:

    • braziers;
    • metal fences;
    • gate;
    • household appliances;
    • frames for greenhouses;
    • cheese dairy;
    • smokehouse;
    • steam-water boilers;
    • grill;
    • moonshine still;
    • containers;
    • bicycle frames;
    • cylindrical-conical tanks;
    • furniture;
    • enclosures and frames;
    • terminals and ATMs;
    • elevators;
    • diamond core bits for drilling;
    • boats;
    • medical equipment;
    • equipment of the "HoReCa" segment;
    • decorative wall panels;
    • ventilation;
    • thin-walled welded pipes;
    • stairs and handrails.

    Handheld laser welding technology is actively used not only in these cases. This processing method is also demanded in automotive for aluminum mufflers welding.

    Unfortunately, the determining an exact payback time is impossible. It depends on selected business type, as well as time and effort you put into developing your business. You can consult with our technical specialists about machine selection, operation features and safety requirements.

    Where to buy equipment for manual laser welding?

    Are you looking for high-quality and reliable machine for manual laser welding? Please contact us by phone +86 159-6577-6719 and you will receive quality and certified products and professional technical support.

    All manual laser-welding machines have a guarantee. In case of any problems with the equipment, we will restore its functionality quickly so that downtime is eliminated. All equipment is tested before shipping to ensure stable operation and maximum safety.

    You can get acquainted with the assortment of welding equipment here: https://sekirus.com/lazernaya-svarka/