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    Laser Marking. Top-5 business ideas

    Laser marking is an unique decorating technology that allows getting images resisting for abrasion and washing off.

    Metal Laser Marking - advantages and disadvantages

    Metal laser marking is a widely used technology on manufacturing enterprises as the one of the most technologically advanced methods for identification of tools, parts, details etc., by marking their surfaces. Unlabeled products are out of trust. Due to using this method manufacturer carries out trademarks marking or serial numbers engraving on its goods, so a buyer evaluates labeling as a guarantee of quality and reliability. As an information source of product parameters a label is needed for both of manufacturers and consumers in any business areas.

    Laser Metal Marking Equipment

    Laser machines are widely used in parts mass production where items have different size, class, grade, cost etc., and so marking process helps manufacturer to classify its goods. Besides an information text, the company logo could be marking on item to increasing potential buyers trust to trademark. That is also a great forgery protection method. 

    Five business ideas with using of laser marking

    We are happy to offer you a few business ideas so you can take a high income at minimum cost by engraving follows items:

    • souvenirs: knives, lighters, spoons, dog collars;
    • jewelry: wedding rings, pendants, watches, etc .;
    • enterprises logos and brand names;
    • nameplates indicating the serial number, production date and equipment technical parameters;
    • commemorative inscriptions and images at mass enterprises;

    Where to buy a laser marker?

    Do you want to buy a high quality and reliable laser marker for your business? Our company offers a wide range of certified devices for any needs under the SEKIRUS brand directly from the manufacturer. All devices are characterized by high-speed working and maximum efficiency. Almost all the equipment is in stock.

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