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    What type of laser is more suitable for CNC metal cutting machine?

    Despite its high cost laser metal cutting technology is in great demand due to the high cut quality, high speed processing, as well as low amount of waste due to the very thin thickness of the cut.

    The cut edge is neat and smooth and do not need further processing, so a finished product can be immediately used for its intended purpose.

    Laser metal cutting features

    Some metals such a copper and an aluminum have a very high reflectivity, so cutting without gas in this case may be impractical or even impossible. In addition, for non-ferrous metals, it is necessary to use a Ytterbium-doped fiber laser produced by IPG (Russia), which provides protection against reverse radiation.

    It should be understood that the laser beam divergence limits the thickness of the cut part to 20-40 mm, so in order to quickly cutting of large thickness parts, you should prefer waterjet cutting or use plasma cutting.

    Why is a fiber laser preferable for metal cutting?

    A fiber laser is rightfully considered an innovative equipment on today. The energy is supplied from the pumping mechanism to the resonator where an amplification occurs. Further, the lens converts light into a precisely directed beam. Then this focused beam contacts with steel surface and causes fast and precise local melting.

    Among modern metal cutting machines, a fiber laser is the one of the most powerful devices. The using of this innovative equipment allows working with various types of workpieces with thickness from 0.2 to 20 mm.

    The CNC fiber laser machine is widely used in the industry to fast and efficiently metal cutting without needs for further workpiece processing.

    Popular RAYCUS and IPG fiber-optic laser sources

    Raycus (China) and IPG (Russia) emitters are fiber-optic laser devices that operate by means of thin fiber, not on gas media. For the manufacture of fiber, a pure quartz is used.

    Laser fiber-optic equipment for steel cutting is several times superior to gas metal cutting devices. Fiber laser machines provide an excellent working speed, high accuracy, a service life of equipment is about 100,000 hours with maximum efficiency and output parts quality is always high.

    The ability to metal cutting and engraving is another advantage of these devices, in contrast of gas lasers which cannot provide this due to the unsuitable laser beam wavelength.

    The Chinese Raycus manufacturer ensures a decent level of a customer service, a good equipment configuration and devices setting quality. The Raycus brand is considered a worthy analog of IPG products.

    The choosing of fiber laser is depend on customer manufacturing needs and installation requirements, as well as the budget you ready to spent on machine purchase.

    It is recommended to purchase high-tech laser equipment in specialized companies. Certificates and official documents must confirm devices quality. The company is obliged to provide an installation supervision, commissioning trials performance, as well as warranty and post-warranty maintenance of equipment.

    Please also pay attention whether the supplier has a spare parts warehouse and is ready to supply the necessary consumables promptly if they are required.