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    Laser pipe cutting

    Laser pipe cutting is a high quality and efficient method of metal tube processing which becoming more and more popular every day. This method is especially demanded at metal working enterprises, and allows you get a high-quality cut, regardless of pipe size or volume of work.

    Laser can cut metal with a thickness of 0.2 mm to 25 mm, also it could be used for large-diameter workpieces processing. The ultra-precise laser beam allows you to perform complex cut and to cut holes of various geometric shapes on workpiece surface. Laser pipe cutters are used for the production of equipment and pipelines, oil filters, training devices and work sites, greenhouses and fences, power lines construction, etc.

    This method could be used to processing the following materials:

    • stainless and alloy steel;
    • copper;
    • bronze;
    • aluminum;
    • brass;
    • carbon steel. 

    The method of pipes manufacturing, as well as the form of section or thickness, does not matter upon laser working. Regardless of the thermal properties of the pipe material, a well-focused laser beam allows you to get the accurate cut and perfectly smooth and tidy edges.

    During the working process the product surface isn't heated, therefore the deformation possibility is reduced to zero. Due to the automation of the process, you can achieve maximum productivity and reduce the payback period.


    Laser pipe cutting is a high-efficient method of metalworking, which allows you to perform the accurate pipe processing and save money significantly at the same time.

    The main advantages of the technology include: 

    • high working speed;
    • accurate cuts;
    • no material deformation;
    • perfectly smooth and clean edges;
    • increasing production efficiency;
    • saving resources, money, and time.

    Due to absence of direct contact with the workpiece material, there is no need of additional processing of pipes after cutting. In some cases, it's possible to avoid unnecessary technological processes during installation of the finished product. 

    Types of equipment 

    Using laser beam for metal cutting is impossible without special equipment. At present, companies providing this service most often use modern CNC laser pipe cutters or sheet metal cutting machines with a pipe rotation module. These devices allow to processing pipes of various forms of section and length, up to 315 mm and 6-12 mm respectively.

    The main advantages of a CNC laser metalworking machine are:

    • high cutting accuracy;
    • perfect edge quality;
    • easy and safe to use;
    • reliable and stable operation;
    • maximum automation level;
    • no significant operating costs. 

    Don't know where to buy high-quality and reliable equipment? Here you can use professional services of specialists. Based on your production needs and submitted workpiece drawings we will offer you the optimal model of a laser pipe cutter or combined CNC machine. We offer reliable SEKIRUS equipment with delivery to any region. There are about 30 different solutions of pipe and profiles cutting, which satisfy any requirements of different diameters, thickness, loading method and budget in our catalog. All equipment have a manufacturer's warranty. Our specialists carry out design, delivery, installation supervision and commissioning.

    You can choose equipment for laser pipe cutting here: https://sekirus.com/lazernye-truborezy/