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    Laser rust removal

    Corrosion removal is not so easy process as it seems at the first blush. You have to resort to various cleaning methods: thermal, chemical, mechanical.

    Since 80s primarily at industrial companies, a brand new cleaning method has appeared, and now the method of laser rust removal is gaining popularity. Main features are described below.

    About the technology

    Laser metal cleaning technology is based on features of the influence of focused laser beam on material surface. According to this method, pure metal reflects the luminous flux, while complex composition compounds absorb it, so due to that you can quickly get rid of various types of pollutions.

    During the interaction of the light beam with the surface, the following processes occur:

    • heating and softening of the treated layer;
    • melting;
    • evaporation.

    There are two methods laser rust removal exist. The "lightweight method" means a flaking off a pollution in "fish scales" form, the second "strong method" involves an evaporation rust layer. The type and thickness of processing material surface don't affect a final result of cleaning at all. This method is equally effective for cleaning parts with corrugations, decorative trims, or deep grooves. It also allows to get rid of dust, oil, paint, glue and other types of organic contaminants easy. The laser-cleaning machine does not require chemical solutions and other consumables, so this cleaning method can be economic.

    Where to buy laser equipment?

    Looking for the high-quality and reliable laser-cleaning equipment? Please contact us. We offer a wide range of laser devices of various size and power levels. You can easily find the most suitable laser machine for your manufacturing purposes.

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