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    Metal Cutting Fiber Laser Machines Made in China and Russia

    Fiber Laser CNC machines are becoming more and more popular every day, especially in metal cutting processing.

    Main advantages are high accuracy and cutting speed, as well as the absence of molten drops and splashes. The using of metal working laser machines allows you to save on the material purchase significantly, since in this case the amount of waste could be reduced to almost zero.

    Laser cutting machines offer a wide range of opportunities for owners of manufacturing enterprises. The combination of high speed and economy with reasonable cost makes this equipment the best in its class. The resulting products do not need any additional processing, which reduces financial costs significantly.

    The advantages of laser metal cutting are:

    • no mechanical contact with the workpiece, which makes it possible to work with quite fragile products;
    • maximum processing accuracy;
    • contactless cutting;
    • easy to operate;
    • cutting process automation;
    • minimum emissions to the atmosphere (depends on the metal type)

    Laser Metal Cutting Machines Production Level in China

    China is one of the leading suppliers of laser metal cutting machines in the world.

    30,000 units of medium power laser devices and 6000 units of high-power laser cutting systems were sold in China at 2018, as well as 130,000 units of laser markers.

    The bulk export were directed to other Asian markets: Korea, Taiwan, and Vietnam, as well as to markets in countries with fast growing economic and industry such as India and Malaysia.


    Laser Metal Cutting Machines Production in Russia

    Russia produces almost all types of laser machines that exist today. According to the data of the Laser Association, there are about 58 manufacturers of laser devices which using in various spheres of modern life in our country. The sales volume of laser-optical equipment increased by almost 4 % for the 2014 - 2017 period. However, Russia's share of global sales is currently 0.3%, in contrast to China, which has a 90-fold increase in this figure.

    The most frequently used laser machines in Russian industry are CNC metal cutting machines, whereas the most frequently saled are marking and engraving devices.

    The using of laser cutting machines is constantly gaining popularity and has very good prospects. The lack of regulatory documents and necessary standards hinders the developments in this area in our country. Although there has been a big shift in this issue in recent years.