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    SEKIRUS Series Automatic Feeding System for Pipe Laser Cutting Machine

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    SEKIRUS core product laser pipe cutting machine is widely used in sports equipment, automobile manufacturing, steel and wood furniture, medical equipment, architectural decoration, mechanical equipment, electrical equipment, elevator equipment and other fields. Thanks to the good reputation of customers and the continuous improvement of products, the market recognition of the company's products is increasing, and it is moving towards the goal of "becoming a global leader in the field of fiber laser pipe processing"

    Project Overview

    The automation system is designed and developed according to the work that Party A needs to complete and the on-site working environment. Through the robot motion controller to control each part, the whole process of automatic production such as the whole bundle of pipes is hoisted and loaded into the stack, the single pipe is taken and the pipe is automatically fed into the laser pipe cutting machine, which can effectively guarantee product quality, improve production efficiency, and reduce production cost. The whole system has a good operation interface, which is convenient for operators to use. 

    Main Features

    1. Align the rectangulartube 
    2. No one is waiting for the material to be loaded, super economical to complete the mass production of different specifications of steelpipes 
    3. Automatic single-pipe rejection mechanism, returning excess steel pipes to thestack 
    4. The structural principle of the feeding system is to use a servo drive to cooperate with the action of the cylinder to send the pipe to the loading position of the laser pipe cuttingmachine 
    5. Improve work safety, reduce the risk of injury, and ease the work ofstaff 
    6. The operation interface is simple, and it can be operated within 3 days of zero-based stafftraining 
    7. Servo full bus communication, absolute encoder does not need to returnparameters 
    8. The surface of the lifting belt sling of the stack is hardened by PU, which has good wear resistance 9.Many structures use motors to drive racks and pinions with goodsynchronization

    Main Advantages

    1. The truss is the foundation to support the movement of the loading and unloading manipulator, which is assembled by columns and beams. The truss column and beam are made of large-section, high-strength, thick-walled steel, and the overall rigidity of the truss is 
    1. The pipe sling adopts a flat sling, which has the followingadvantages:
    • The bearing surface is wide, which can reduce the pressure of surfaceload
    • When the outer surface of the flat sling is smooth and delicate, it will not harm the suspendedobject
    • The surface of the sling is hardened by PU , which has good wearresistance
    • Non-conductive, no risk of electricshock
    • The operating temperature range is -40 ℃-100 °℃
    • The elastic elongation of the flat sling ≤ 7% 
    1. Servo drive, faster and highprecision 
    2. Automatic cycle processing, there is no need for operator to wait for, greatly improve productivity 
    3. Expanding functions for auto-unloading system, three-dimensional tube stock silo etc. 
    4. Automatic alarm for insufficient tubestock 


    Minimum feeding pipe length


    30 00

    Maximum feeding pipe length



    Side length of pipe section (or diameter)


    20- 220

    Loading cycle time



    First tube feeding time



    Maximum loading weight



    Maximum single weight



    Note: The straightness of the pipe is less than or equal to 20mm

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