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    Plasma metal cutting equipment. How to select plasma-cutting machine?

    Plasma metal cutting is one of market leaders among all metal processing methods, and its popularity increases every day. Due to its precision and high processing speed, the plasma-cutting technology outperforms competitors (even an oxygen cutting) with confidence.

    This technology is based on the plasma creation by an electric discharge in gas medium. Provides the ability to process metal up to 1500 mm thick with rational consumption of raw materials, as well as automatic operations handling and high-quality results without needing of additional fine finishing. The equipment cost is quite affordable.

    Plasma metal cutting advantages

    Gas metal cutting method was popular before the plasma-cutting technology had been invented. Now gas cutting has lost its relevance, because the plasma cutting has following advantages:

    • high quality of cutting;
    • absence of scale;
    • clean edges;
    • no deformation even on thin metal sheet;
    • high performance;
    • no need for additional operations;
    • fast shutdown of the cutter;
    • operating economy.

    This technology is characterized by a high safety level, lower manufacturing costs and operating economy. Modern developments allows reducing the operating cost by almost half.

    Types of plasma machines

    A wide range of plasma-cutting machines is presented on the modern market, which makes it easy to choose the most suitable model for both of large enterprises and small workshops. All devices differ from each other by technical parameters, dimensions, functionality and price. Let us try to figure out how to select the right plasma equipment basing on production needs.

    There are three main categories of devices:

    • hand-held;
    • gantry type;
    • portable.

    Where to buy plasma-cutting machine?

    You can buy plasma-cutting equipment in our company. We have a long-term great experience in the market and we do know what our customers need. There is a wide range of devices with various technical parameters, working principles, dimensions and functionality in our catalog. To choose the most appropriate option would be easy. Our sales assistants will answer any questions and help to draw up an application. All products are certified and have a manufacturer's warranty. Delivery of goods is carried out all over Russia by a transport company at the buyer's choice. Pick-up available from collection point.