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    Manual laser welding

    The most optimal solution for production shops carrying out a welding of thin-walled metal products is manual laser welding technology, which allows you to get a perfectly smooth and tidy weld seam in a few minutes. This seam is high strength and does not need additional processing. On today this modern and advanced metal parts jointing method has no equal.

    Russian-made SEKIRUS laser machines for handheld laser welding provide easy performing of such welding. This is a modern high-tech equipment for automation of production, reliable and easy to use. The only drawback is its high cost, though it is quickly compensated due to the high processing speed and minimal expenses on consumable. The cost of laser equipment directly depends on the cost of the laser source. You can choose the one of the following laser source for SEKIRUS devices: IPG IPS, IPG YAR, Raycus, Max, and JPT.

    Manual laser welding allows to manufacturing the following products:

    • parts and accessories;
    • furniture;
    • neutral equipment;
    • electronic components;
    • metal cases;
    • advertising structures, etc. 

    This type of welding is perfect for working with aluminum, titanium, stainless and carbon steel. Laser welding is most widely used in advanced industries with innovative technologies, such as jewelry industries, advertising, automotive industries, medicine, shipbuilding, radio engineering, and instrumentation, aerospace, nuclear. 

    Main advantages of the technology 

    Compare to classic welding methods a handheld laser welding has a number of advantages, including:

    • easy and convenient to operate;
    • simple and friendly software;
    • no smoke, dust and soot;
    • minimum amount of consumables;
    • long service life;
    • reliability and security;
    • high performance;
    • strong and tidy weld seam;
    • wide range of settings and modes.

    You can use manual laser welding equipment in a closed room with a good ventilation. The built-in cooling system allows you to operate the welding machine in three shifts. Using this technology it is possible to perform butt-welded joints, T- joints, ring type joints and lap joints, and to achieve the maximum results.

    The high processing speed and no deformation due to lack of surface heating, as well as low maintenance costs due to minimal amount of consumables. This equipment has flexible settings, versatility and long service life. 

    How to choose equipment for handheld laser welding? 

    Upon purchase a handheld laser-welding machine you should definitely determine with following items:

    • the purpose of purchase of equipment;
    • material types you plan to work with;
    • the thickness of the metal to be processed;
    • choosing a seller.

    Please, pay attention to a human factor playing an important role during the equipment operation, even though you purchased a quality device from a reliable and trusted supplier. According to experience and practice, it is the wrong actions of the operator, non-compliance with production technology and incorrect storage conditions that cause the machine prematurely fails.

    The qualification and experience of the supplier plays a big role in the purchase of laser equipment. The qualification and experience of the supplier plays a big role in the purchase of laser equipment. The seller should always be ready to provide a qualified consultation and support to the buyer at all stages of cooperation. 

    Where to buy equipment for manual laser welding? 

    Are you looking for high-quality and reliable machine for manual laser welding? Please contact us by phone +86 159-6577-6719 and you will receive quality and certified products and professional technical support.

    All manual laser-welding machines have a guarantee. In case of any problems with the equipment, we will restore its functionality quickly so that downtime is eliminated. All equipment is tested before shipping to ensure stable operation and maximum safety.