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    Commissioning and training: Includes installation supervision and training of the Customer’s specialists in the entire technological cycle from the creation of the drawing to the manufacture of the product. Commissioning and on-site training are carried out by two qualified SEKIRUS specialists who have undergone training and certification. The duration of the commissioning and training is up to 10 working days, including 2-4 days for commissioning, the rest for training. Installation of the machine at the place of operation and its preparation for connection are made by the Customer before the start of commissioning.

    Equipment under the SEKIRUS trademark has a warranty period of 12 to 36 months (an increase is possible by an additional agreement), during which all repair work is carried out free of charge, provided that it is correctly used in accordance with the requirements of the operating instructions and proper maintenance of the equipment.

    The warranty provides for free repair or replacement of spare parts during the entire warranty period, provided that the product is used correctly in accordance with the manufacturer's requirements. The decision on the advisability of repairing or replacing faulty equipment is taken by the company's specialists.

    Warranty service is carried out in the presence of the seller’s invoice, equipment delivery and acceptance certificate.

    Repair is carried out on the territory of the service center of the Seller, or on the territory of the Buyer. Spare parts required for equipment repair (except for consumables and wearing parts) are carried out by the Seller free of charge, excluding transportation costs.

    The instruction and training of the Buyer's operators is carried out simultaneously with the commissioning and commissioning of the equipment.

    Warranty service is not performed in the following cases:

    The Seller is not liable for defects in the Equipment arising as a result of the Buyer's violation of the rules for the operation, maintenance, storage or transportation of equipment, or the actions of third parties, or force majeure circumstances and the occurrence of non-production defects. In this case, the warranty period expires.

    Warranty service is not performed in other cases, such as:

    For any mechanical damage, as well as in the event of exposure to water, steam, acids and the like, both on the product body and inside.

    In the absence of grounding and its incorrect connection.

    In the absence of a stabilizer or its incorrect connection (Equipment and a PC connected to it must be connected to one stabilizer)

    In case of incorrect connection of additional equipment.

    When using consumables whose quality does not meet the requirements set forth in the instructions of manufacturers or whose quality does not meet the standards usually applied to materials of this kind.

    In case of opening of factory seals, making changes to the Equipment (including the use of non-original spare parts) or the software supplied with it.