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    Laser machines SEKIRUS

    Why you should buy SEKIRUS equipment

    • SEKIRUS is a brand whose products combine high technology and reliability.
    • SEKIRUS - affordable CNC laser and plasma machines for your business
    • SEKIRUS is a equipment with components of well-known brands, Russian service and manufacturer's warranty.
    • SEKIRUS are machines that work successfully and bring profit to Russian enterprises for 3 years in Russia and the CIS.

    SEKIRUS brand mission

    We make available high-tech equipment for the automation of production for enterprises in Russia, Belarus and Kazakhstan.

    Cooperating with the most reliable manufacturers in China, we provide service and warranty support in the Russian Federation and the CIS.

    SEKIRUS - Only reliable machines since 2017
    Effective Manufacturing Solutions
    Customer Service 24/7
    Manufacturer's warranty and post-warranty support
    Training your staff on machine tools
    Convenient ways of financing, leasing, installment plan

    SEKIRUS equipment reference list


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