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Why and what we do

Sekirus company is engaged in production of laser machine for cutting, engraving and marking. Yet we have been developing the design for laser equipment.

Ongoing improvement of laser technology is increasingly expanding the use of such equipment. An ever-increasing range and a fairly significant drop in prices on laser machines allow you to enter them in the new industries and manufacturing sector.

The main varieties

In principle, any laser machine uses a technology aimed with high precision light beam. And that such equipment from each other is no different. However, there are fundamental differences. For example, indicators of radiation power:

  • Small (about 80 watts). The compactness of these units makes them ideal for small businesses and light industry;
  • Average (between 80 and 200 watts). Most often used for processing specific materials (textiles, wood);
  • High (up to 5 kW or higher). The optimal option, where the development of production and the goods produced on a large scale.

In addition, we can distinguish differences and by appointment:

  • Laser engravers. The quality and durability of the drawing figure is very high and the range of products is extremely wide (glass, plastic, thick paper, wood);
  • Cutting. In this region, the laser is popular because of the very high precision and perfectly smooth cut without waste and chips;
  • Welding or laser welding;
  • Tempering metals.

Advantages of the equipment


In the first place can be identified efficiency in electricity consumption. This is important for large enterprise and small workshop. In addition, the transition of many manufacturers in numerical software significantly facilitates and simplifies machine control processes.

Another huge advantage of laser equipment is very high performance. It breaks this technique is extremely rare, but the goods are produced quite a lot and quickly. This quality laser cutting machines have appreciated all over the world.

Also worth mentioning is a small amount of waste material used and the marriage. This feature also allows you to significantly increase the profitability of the business.

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