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    IPG laser sources on SEKIRUS machines

    Did you know that every fourth laser source in the world is manufactured by "IPG Photonics Corporation"?

    The R&D centers and the production departments of IPG are located in Russia, the USA, Germany and in other countries of the world.

    OOO "IRE-Polus" (Russian representative office of IPG) is a world leader in the production of high-power industrial fiber lasers. Fiber laser sources production department is located at Moscow region.

    Medium power CW fiber lasers ranging from 100 W to 4 kW work on single-mode or multimode and generate emission with 1~2 microns wavelength.

    When we equip SEKIRUS laser machines with IPG laser sources, we are confident that the end customer will receive an equipment with longer service durability, higher efficiency and superior after-sales service in Russia.

    You can choose laser equipment with an IPG laser source on the website https://sekirus.com/lazernye-stanki-po-metallu/